Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pump up the volume

Podcasting reminds me of the movie "Pump Up the Volume," which at the time I watched because of Christian Slater, and now, in my older and wiser days, I now understand it's cultural relevance.

Pump Up the Volume was about impowerment. Christian Slater's character was just speaking over a radio and didn't really care that or if anyone was listening to him. He just had something to say and needed to get it out there. In fact when he found out people were listening it astounded him.

I will be teaching a workshop on Podcasting on Monday and have come across some really great websites that I plan on using that I's like to share:

This is a great site that illustrates how podcasting can be used to create ongoing projects.

A great collection of podcasts done by middle school students

A storehouse of educational podcasts

I hope to include more posts soon about podcasts and when I get mine up on our podcast site:

Friday, March 10, 2006

Building a Better Blog

So I figure I can't keep touting the merits of blogging if I can't even keep my own up to date. I plan on teaching a class on blogging again soon - so I better get in gear.

To give all of you an idea of what I have been working on for the past 6 months that has been so time consuming I offer the following sites:

My second home

An excelent podcast not just about education - but in this case happens to feature my best friend (the future Dr.) Sharon Dotger and myself descibing what I've been working on the past six months.

I hope to actually post a few of my podcasts to the ncsu site - soon. When I have them up I *promise* I will post.

I also hope to post more to my other blogs (I know, I know - if you can't post to one blog what makes you think I can post to 3!) but I truely feel that part of my issue is seperating work blogging from personal blogging. So check out my other blog of geek girl stuff at: where I hope to post some gadgety stuff soon.