Friday, March 02, 2007


I'm presentining at NCAECT this year - one of my favorite conferences (and I'm not just saying that because they accepted me :) I like it becuase real teachers actually come and use it for proffessional development. Its interesting to see what is on the front line of schools.

I will be presenting on Podcasting - one of my favorite subjects. I've presented on this before, but I'm hoping to make it a bit more practical in terms of showing how a teacher could actually pull this off.

I wish I could be presenting more, but NCAECT is the week before our NCATE Accreditation at the College and I'm lucky I could do this.

Oh and if you are going please be sure to come to the Keynote Speaker. I know they aren't always the most exciting thing, but this year one of my Education Technology Idols is speaking, Wil Richardson. He really has a handle on what technology we should be using in our schools, but also tempers it with the reality of schools. I hope to blog his keynote.

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