Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being a Teacher & some GIS info

There are times when I greatly miss teaching. I mean, I teach a good deal still - just in a less traditional way than I used to. There are some days I yearn for a class, a group of students of my own. To watch them grow and evolve as people and get to be apart of the ride. Being in a university setting and not a teacher of classes, I rarely if ever get any interaction with K-12 students. I work a good deal with their teachers, but its different to deal with "actual" students (and yes I do believe we are all students, but that is another discussion).

So this week I am working with a local Middle School and am presenting on GIS & GPS. I have discussed before how much teaching is like "performing" for me - and I mean that in the best way. There is something about that energy, that synergy of interaction between you and your students that is priceless. Yesterday, I made that connection and it just felt awesome. Things were going great - they were getting it and it was exciting. They were learning and making connections that far exceeded my expectations. It was powerful. I wish I could experience more days like that...

Anyways - here are some of the GIS & GPS websites I mentioned:

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