Friday, July 07, 2006

Final thoughts on NECC from a first timer.

I feel so inspired and so humbled by my experience here at NECC. I have so many ideas and want to do so many things, my head is swimming. In fact after I left the conference today I completely shut down and took a nap :) I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend this year and can't wait to come again.

My favorite highlights include:
Seeing Will Richardson's presentation
Seeing Nicholas Negroponte
Meeting other Bloggers at the meet-up (although I have to confess I was so nervous I talked to much and felt completely awkward)
Reading the other blogs - not only about the sessions I attended, but those I wasn't able to. I have a new appreciation for technorati tags
Being introduced to Ecto by David Warlick's blog - without it there would be no way I could have done what I did these past three days
Being introduced to new educational blogs that I can't wait to read more of in the future

... and on the fun side...
Seeing a panda for the first time
Margaritas in Old Town
Seeing the sailboat "Stars & Stripes"
Touring Wine Country

Come to think of it - I'm not sure I'll be able to leave San Diego....

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rob banning said...


I know what you mean. I returned from the conference to a pile of work, unanswered emails, and unread posts. I am just now taking time to reflect on my experience - after a couple of long naps of course.

I echo your highlights and would add one more - San Diego itself. What a great location for the conference. The weather was fantastic, the gas-light district was fun, and (as you said) there were plenty of non-conference distractions.

Enjoy your summer -

Digital Crosswalks
"the guy who sat behind you in Will's session"

PS - thanks for the heads-up on the blogger meet-up. That was a good time.