Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything with Will Richardson

I've been reading Will's site - for awhile and am pretty excited to meet him and I am impressed right away with his use of PowerPoint - he actually doesn't have a newspaper worth of text on the slide. This is gonna be good.....

Then a great way to illustrate how blogs connect is and then some great mashups (of which I am addicted to on YouTube myself) including the voice of the infamous mac switch commercial. I'm surprised how much mashups are being displayed and discussed and am interested in the educational value of them...

Cool Web links:
1 Billion on the web and 2 billion by 2015
1 Trillion Links
70,000 new blogs each day

Some great themes are ownership, audience and the transforming of technology. Ownership of our tools, of our products, of what we create is imperative to self efficacy. This idea has been pretty pervasive today. Negroponte noted that he hasn't had a laptop broken as frequently due to this ownership. Audience, having students understand that they have a global audience, not just a teacher - drives them to preform to this audience. It makes every assignment a science fair project! Making them all publishers and owners.

Cool terms to use in the future:
"Rip, Mix, & Learn"
"Teacher as DJ"

43 things - creating a community of learners (for those of us that don't have the following Will has)

Social Networking - harnessing the power of MySpace (and I've just blogged about MySpace to much lately) But he brings up some excellent points about who and how are we teaching our students to use and navigate the web responsibly. Will is also not afraid to stick his neck out and shock the group about what we have become numb and deem acceptable.

I wish I could write more but I find myself being too captivated....I'll have to process more on this one - Thanks Will :)

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