Friday, July 07, 2006

iLearn, Therefore iPod

I have just recently purchased a classroom set of video iPods for checkout and have been looking for different ways to entice the faculty to use them in their sessions. Although I have covered podcasting - now that we have the video iPods - I'd like to take it a step further. This presentation has strong possibilities for good ideas.

The project focused on using iPod's in class and shared iPods in touring the Holocaust museum. Every student created a podcast for each exhibit and a class playlist was created for all the eigth graders.

iPod Flash Card software - Zelek Software (Mac & PC) for working on vocabulary words

The facilitators loaded the iPods with images, sound clips and some movies prior to giving them to the students. This gave them a background of information to draw from when reading the book - Diary of Anne Frank. This is such a great way to introduce a new technology project such as the iPod. It allows not only the students but the teacher to see the possibilities, but yet it is not as overwhelming as a blank slate. I always run into problems when creating examples for a class - they tend to create something EXACTLY the way the example is when they have the fredom to do much more. Since this was just background (existing info they could pull up anywhere) when they created their product it didn't fit into that mold.

The students assessed the qualities of a good podcast, by looking (or I guess technically listening) to ones themselves as well as used Kirk McElhearn's list as a guide.

8 rules of Effective Podcasting: Kirk McElhearn
1) Have something to say
2) Be prepared
3) Be short and simple
4) Be clear
5) Be yourself
6) Be unique
7) Provide detailed notes
8) Don't use music filler I understand why this is in here - students have a tendancy to overuse music in all of their presentations, but I still believe music has a place from a transition point.

Some outcomes of using/creating podcasts:
-students from other classes benefited - but they were jealous
-Museum tour guides were impressed with questions
-They understood the material so well - they didn't need the tour - they were engaged and embeded in the process How many times have we seen that it is the journey that is important - NOT the destination
-Powerful journal entries - students were more detailed and conscious of their entries
-They were very proud of what they were doing

Copyright - a lot of conversations about fair use - know citation info before project. This is such an ongoing issue in our schools - and its hard to know where to start - but yet it has to.....
Monitoring student work - small screen
Charging multiple iPods
Syncing iPods - synced all to one machine This is one of the huge downfalls (albiet I understand that this is part of the "I am not stealing music on my iPod" theme. When using iPods in an educational group context with check-in check-out it is almost a herendous to manage as a Palm :)
Peripherals - not available for video ipods I have

Their website

All in all it gave me some great ideas

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