Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Podcasting & Podcatching Session

I have been looking forward to this session since I found out that Lisa & I were going to NECC. This is not only a subject close to my heart but I have been following most of these speakers since I became interested.

Larry Anderson the "technobutler" who brings people together: (all apple distinguished educators)
Ted Lai - LA, Calif - Co-author iLife '06
David Warlick (near and dear to our Raleigh hearts)
Lucy Gray - MS Science Teacher - Friday 5 podcast
Tim Wilson - The Savvy Technologist

They have put together a page for the session: and we will be co-authoring notes on a wiki page

Why do we use an iPod - or any other mp3 player - "timeshifting" being able to take it with us - sometimes called "narrowcasting" (I love how tech gurus always come up with new terms :)

One of my favorite things about these sessions is seeing how other people present the same material that I do - see what they say

"A podcast is a blog that is an audio file" - the term podcast "scares" so many people, it seems so foreign to people. Others fear it is just a "Mac thing" - I almost wish we could change the term to really indicate it as a just an audio file.

Also important are the parental controls in iTunes that allow teachers and parents alike to control what CAN and cannot be downloaded. Downloading is such a big issue in our schools, but if we can show control and that we are on top of it. Pre-viewing content is important - it is on the Internet after all.

Another cool term - "Soundseeing tours"

Some cool podcasts:
Radio WillowWeb - teacher Tony Vincent
Tech Savvy Girlz (I love this one)
Ask an astronomer - video podcast from NASA

Some recording equipment: and the wiki has some really great gear pages
iPod & iTalk
iRiver (mic built in)
MicroTrack 24/96

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jetech3 said...

I just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it. I too had the same feelings you describe after my first NECC. I was unable to attend, but have really gleaned much from reading all those wonderful blogs from those who did participate; like you!

You have me curious about a podcast you mention: Tech Savvy Girlz. I have been unable to locate it online. Could you direct me to a link? Are they available through iTunes? I couldn't find them.

Many thanks!

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