Thursday, July 06, 2006

Being Digital with Negroponte

I was first introduced to Nicholas Negroponte by my father when I was in college. His book "Being Digital" was one of the first books my Dad gave me as a "peer" who was interested in computer technology (in my "I want to be an engineer days"). It was a very inspiring book that inspired me about the possibilities. I had just designed my first web page and was excited about where we were going.

Hearing Negroponte speak today was just as inspiring. How awesome is it that someone has a vision and then does it - and it just happens to be a technology one. His idea of the $100 laptop is quite a one. He also is not afraid of sticking his neck out about. Not many people (in his position - bloggers have no issue) about speaking out against Adobe or Microsoft or Intel, even when he knows those vendors are in the room.

Yet, his laptops are geared for a global audience. I think there were a good deal of teachers in the room that wanted to know - "What about us?" I have two ideas on that subject 1) We actually have the money in the US to make some changes and a 1-to-1 is possible, we just have to convince the right people we should do it. 2) Once this $100 laptop has been created and has been "proven" as a useful tool. Other laptops will follow in line after that mountain has been climbed and it looks like Negroponte is the man to do it.

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Wesley Fryer said...

I think you are right about us having the money now to do 1:1 in the United States, Bethany. What we need are leaders with vision for 1:1 learning who can share it with their communities.

Alfred Thompson said...

Actually he didn't stick his neck out very far. Really it seems to be almost a sport these days to attach companies like Microsoft. I thought he took some unfair and mean spirited shots on some good people (I like to think of myself as a good person and took the Microsoft shot personally and also Bill Gates has done a lot for the third world in the area of health) so that he could get some easy laughs.