Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Growth through Blogging

I am completely honored that a dear friends of mine, and as I am now finding out "a name" in the world of blogging. Has referenced my blog. I feel completely overwhelmed by this. Especially since I was very concerned over my last post.

I think the thing about blogging that scares me the most is putting a piece of myself out there and INVITING other people to comment on it. The inner nerd inside of me is freaking out at the concept of asking people to dis me. And yet, as I have come to understand, it is more about sharing and growing - partially through debate, but more by questioning. If we never get personal - we will never grow.

So I promise to never get too personal, but I won't be afraid of it as much either.


Anonymous said...

Blogging allows (at least to this novice) an opportunity to engage with others who only have an opportunity judge your words. And, you as the writer get an opportunity to make a point in a process that may be cathartic. At times, we all need to feel like we've been heard and that somebody noticed that we have ideas. It is nice to find that others think like we do or at least have considered what we have to say - especially when we move throught periods when we feel like no one is listening.

Nathan Lowell said...

You're being heard on a wider basis than you think, Beth.

Keep writing. Your voice is required :D

Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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