Tuesday, March 22, 2005

History Repeating Itself

There is a solemn vibe in the air today. I can tell that everyone has the shootings in Minnesota on their minds. It is something we all fear and want to prevent, and yet... Most of my teaching friends were new teachers when Columbine happened, and it is something that never leaves you - is in the back of your mind - fear of your students. We have all felt it and wondered if one would cross the line.

There is a very poiniant movie titled "Bang, Bang, You're Dead," that touches on this issue for several different perspectives. I know there are a good deal of movies that touch on the subject, "Elephant" for example. Yet, this movie struck a cord with me. It wasn't about blame, it was about hope. Tom Cavanagh must have had some incredible high school teachers, for his acting is truly inspired and represents what it means to care for your students and to go out on a limb for them. Which is sometimes all they need.